Electric Picnic is wrapping up today for yet another year.


But as you reminisce about the weekend past, it could be your chance to help St. Vincent de Paul aid the homeless.

Every year hundreds of sleeping mats and sleeping bags are left behind on the mucky grounds of Stradbally.

SVP are asking you to to donate your sleeping bags instead of throwing them in the trash.

The charity partake in weekly soup runs every Monday, where they give hats, scarves, tea, soup and sandwiches to the homeless; and now they have made an appeal to all festival-goers to give their old, unwanted sleeping bags and mats to people in-need.

If you would like to donate your equipment to St. Vincent de Paul, head over to this Facebook page to find out more.

Or get in touch through Twitter.

We hope you enjoyed your time at Electric Picnic and remember; every little helps.