From time to time we have all been tempted by the latest and greatest round of DIY skincare trends that appear to take over the internet.

Unfortunately, they don’t always give us the results we expected, and wanted. 

Apparently, some of the most common tips relating to skincare to be found online are actually myths, and we should maybe not always be using social media as a dermatologist.

1. Treating blackheads with lemon juice is a bad idea. 

Dermatologists warn that citrus juice is more irritating than it is helpful, and when exposed to sunlight it can burn, badly.

2. You probably shouldn’t be using a toner. 

It leaves your skin dry and irritated when used all over, spot treatments are the way to go when it comes to toner.


3. Chocolate isn’t causing your acne. 

There may be a relationship between diet and acne. But it is mostly dairy products and low-quality carbohydrates that are responsible so dark chocolate fans are safe.


4. Toothpaste isn’t the best way to get rid of a spot. 

Baking soda can apparently help, but it is not included in all toothpaste and it still doesn’t mean you should be covering your face in it.


5. Coconut oil is not going to reduce age spots or wrinkles either apparently. 

We thought it was a miracle product! It seems that some dermatologists are warning that while it does work as a great moisturiser, it won’t reduce the signs of age spots or sun damage.


6. Egg whites aren’t actually going to shrink your pores. 


7. You should never, ever use hand sanitizer on your face to tone down oily skin. 

We could have guessed that one.


8. The SPF in your makeup (or moisturizer) might not provide enough protection. 

The experts say you broad spectrum coverage with at least 30 SPF.