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There's nothing more annoying than entering a packed Luas and not being able to find a seat.

Or even worse, you've hit the Dundrum sales and have to queue in Zara for 20 minutes while your legs feel like they're going to buckle underneath you.

We know, #FirstWorldProbs, but still, standing for a long time is painful.

And that's why this 'wearable chair' was invented.

The Noone Chairless Chair is a new invention on the market which lets you sit down whenever you want.

All you have to do is bend your knees, adjust your back braces and sit! 

While we're loving the sudden comfort of this thing, we don't think it'll be making its way onto a red carpet anytime soon.

But hey, comfort is key right?

The chair was purposely invented for people who are on their feet for a considerable amount of time (nurses, retail assistants, porters), and we actually think it's a pretty sweet invention.


A couple of years back, various reports suggested that sitting for eight hours a day was the WORST thing any of us could do to our bodies.

Eight hours at your desk, plus extra time sitting in the bus/car and in front of the TV at night… basically we were all said to be sitting ourselves into an early grave.

The solution? Get a standing desk – something which thankfully hasn't caught on much in Ireland but it definitely a regular sighting in offices across the US.

Now though, new research says sitting might not be as bad as we had all though, or at least it's no better or worse for us than standing.

Rather than trying to work more standing time into your day, scientists in the UK say we should simply aim to get moving whenever we can.

So break up your work day with a stroll at lunch, walk home instead of catching the bus, and keep up regular work-out sessions. 

The Institute of Epidemiology in London collected data from 5,100 government workers over a period of 16 years to research their sitting habits.

Each participant charted how much time they spent sitting at work and in their free time, as well as how often they walked or had an exercise session.

Sitting was not linked to mortality in any of the participants, though the research does note that many of the people studied exercised more than the average British person would.

It's thought previous reports about sitting having a high mortality risk might have been linked to the fact that participants led an extremely sedentary lifestyle.

The moral of the story? Don't freak out about having to sit at a desk all day long, but get moving during your out-of-office hours.


A new study has revealed one of the biggest health risks to adults today, and it's not drinking, smoking or even using a mobile phone.

Nope, it's… sitting.

Apparently an adult's risk of heart disease increases by 14% for every hour spent sitting during an average day.

Researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin studied 2,031 adults, tracking their daily activity and taking regular blood samples. All of the adults spent between two and 12 hours per day sitting down, either at work or in front of the television.

The longer spent sitting down each day, the higher the levels of deposits in blood vessels that act as a telltale sign of heart disease.

Even regular gym or aerobic sessions did nothing to counteract the risk, as any increase in fitness was cancelled out by the many hours lacking in physical activity.

So if your job requires you to sit down all day (as many do), how can you help your body to lessen the risks?

"It’s clear that exercise is important to reduce your cardiovascular risk and improve your fitness level," said the study's lead researcher  Dr Jacquelyn Kulkinski.

“The lesson here is that it’s really important to try and move as much as possible in your daily life, for example, take a walk during lunch, pace while talking on the phone, take the stairs instead of the elevator and use a pedometer to track your daily steps… And if you have a sedentary job, don’t go home at night and sit in front of the TV for hours on end.”

Excuse us while we pop out for a quick stroll…


It’s time to stand up and cut your chances of developing type 2 diabetes,

According to a new survey, sitting down for long periods of time can increase your chances of becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes, even if you exercise.

And this is not necessarily just a problem with people who have sedentary jobs that involve sitting down for long periods of time – factor in watching telly, reading a book or anything else that involves sitting down and you’re in trouble.

Over five years, the UCL study which looked at the effect of being inactive for long periods of time outside of work on 4,000 civil servants. The research found that those who sat for less than 12 hours a week and exercised for four hours over a seven day period were less likely to be at risk of obesity  than those who spent 25 hours sitting and just 90 minutes of exercise.

Eek, maybe it’s time to get up and go for a walk around the office. Think we’ll avoid the TV and go for a run tonight…