This ‘wearable chair’ invention is super handy but not so stylish

There's nothing more annoying than entering a packed Luas and not being able to find a seat.

Or even worse, you've hit the Dundrum sales and have to queue in Zara for 20 minutes while your legs feel like they're going to buckle underneath you.

We know, #FirstWorldProbs, but still, standing for a long time is painful.

And that's why this 'wearable chair' was invented.

The Noone Chairless Chair is a new invention on the market which lets you sit down whenever you want.

All you have to do is bend your knees, adjust your back braces and sit! 

While we're loving the sudden comfort of this thing, we don't think it'll be making its way onto a red carpet anytime soon.

But hey, comfort is key right?

The chair was purposely invented for people who are on their feet for a considerable amount of time (nurses, retail assistants, porters), and we actually think it's a pretty sweet invention.