To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lush Cosmetics will be standing up for everyone’s right to love.

In partnership with All Out, Lush will be promoting the campaign for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & Queer (LGBTQ) rights.

The campaign is to coincide with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where new anti-gay laws have created a massive surge in anti-gay violence within the country.

Lush shop windows are saying, ‘We believe in love’, and staff are asking all of their customers to show solidarity by painting a pink triangle on their body to share their #SignofLove 

The pink triangle, which was first used by the Nazis as a badge to mark and identify gay people in concentration camps, has been turned on its head and is now seen as a global sign of LGBTQ rights.

Tamsin Omond, head of Lush Campaigns, says: “Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to stand up for everyone’s right for love.”