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Do you ever find yourself watching your favourite TV show and wonder where they find all of their fab outfits? So do we.

And now there's a new app that can help you do just that. Ever is changing the way you shop, and soon your wardrobe could aspire to be Hanna's from Pretty Little Liars.

It works by linking the app with your TV to get a screenshot of the outfit that's on the screen. Then whenever you see something you like, click the app and you'll receive a few options to purchase the clothes the characters are wearing.

And if you're watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and like Kourtney's jeans, the app will show you the jeans but loads of other options as well so you don't brake the bank.

Sounds fab, right? But don't get too excited, there's still a few things the app needs to work on.

So far, Ever only works with a limited selection of streaming services and it can't be used with live shows. It's also not hooked up to Netflix yet (which is a bummer because what other streaming services do we use over here?!).

So, while you might not be able to find Olivia Pope's coat just yet – imagine ALL of the possibilities! 



Alexa Chung has fast become one of our most loved style icons. 

And now get set to love her even more as she has just made online shopping dangerously easy. 

Alexa has launched her own fashion app called Villoid.

The new inspiration-meets-shopping app channels the model's very unique style – it is clean-cut, simple and of course, very chic.

She described it as, "your very own endless dressing up box, where you can experiment, celebrate and play with clothes from hundreds of brands including Converse, Chloé, Acne and Marc Jacobs." 

Users of the app can follow brands, mood boards or other people on the interface, with all items seen available to purchase. 

The it-girl announced the launch today on Instagram. 

"I am pleased and proud to announce that the secret app I have been working on for months is now available in the App Store today!!! Link in bio. It's called VILLOID (more on that later) and I would love you to play with it and let me know what you think. With love, Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung," she wrote.