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Researchers have identified a new species of pocket shark from the Gulf of Mexico, which uses it’s pouches to squirt a fluorescent fluid to conceal it from prey or predators.

The tiny shark found almost 10 years ago has turned out to be a new species, and we don’t know what to think of it. Is it cute, is it terrifying?

The American pocket shark is named after the pouches it has near it’s front fins rather than it’s diminutive size, and was collected during a survey to find out what sperm whales eat nearly a decade ago.

The five-and-a-half inch male shark has five features which aren’t found on any other known specimen of this king

pocket shark
Image: Tulane researcher Michael Doosey

The mysterious pouches squirt little glowing clouds into the ocean, according to scientists studying the creature.

The details of the latest species are described in the journal Zootaxa by Mark Grace of the NMFS Mississippi Laboratories of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Henry Bart and Michael Doosey of the Tulane University Biodiversity Research.

On the discovery, Grace said: “I’ve been in science about 40 years and I can usually make a pretty good guess about a marine animal’s identity. I couldn’t with this one.”

Grace then turned to experts at Tulane University and the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.

Tulane researcher Michael Doosey/Mark Grace at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

A 2015 paper identified the shark as only the second of it’s kind, but it took four more years of analysing the creature to make sure that it was a brand new species.

“The fact that only one pocket shark has ever been reported from the Gulf of Mexico, and that it is a new species, underscores how little we know about the Gulf – especially its deeper waters – and how many additional new species from these waters await discovery,” Henry Bart said.

Identifying the shark involved examining and photographing external features with a dissecting microscope, studying x-ray images and high resolution CT scans.

Somehow we don’t think it’ll be this cute, despite the name:

great white shark GIF

Feature image:  Tulane researcher Michael Doosey

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When we're scrolling through Instagram travel pages, it's not often we stop to consider the importance of respecting the surroundings the wanderlusters on our phone screens are experiencing. 

From posing with animals who might not want to adhere to the image aesthetics, to accidentally disrespecting traditions or customs, there are things to think about when adventuring in the most covetable to travel destinations. 

The world is more accessible than even thanks to Instagrammers like Katarina Elle Zarutskie. who shared a series of snaps from her trip to The Exumas, off The Bahamas. A few weeks after her trip, the model shared some scary snaps of herself posing among a group of Nurse Sharks.

Images: Katarina Elle Zarutskie / Instagram

The sharks are generally docile, but Katarina was bitten and dragged under as she floated among them – which was captured in the photographs. 

'I leaned back, and then that shark he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under,' the 19-year-old told BuzzFeed.

'They are wild animals and it's an uncontrollable situation.'

Thankfully, Katarina was not seriously injured, and did not lose her hand or fingers in the attack.  

'These animals are considered quite docile but can and do bite on occasion,' David Hocher, who owns Staniel Cay marina close to where the incident occurred, told NBC News

'Normally when they mistake a hand or fingers for a piece of food.'

Katarina has not let her experience stop her from enjoying and respecting the ocean. 

Taking to her social media, she welcomed the fact that her story had gone viral, hailing it as an opportunity to remains travellers to respect Mother Nature while exploring foreign countries. 

'he ocean has always had a special place in my heart ever since I was a little girl on her surfboard,' she wrote. 

'Please respect the ocean and its ecosystem.' 

Feature image: Katarina Elle Zarutskie / Instagram



A teenage girl has died today after being attacked by a shark approximately three kilometres east of Wylie Bay in Western Australia.

According to reports emerging from media outlets around the world, the 17-year-old had been surfing with her father at the Kelp Beds when the attack occurred.

It is understood the teen was rushed to hospital in Esperance in a critical condition, and reports emerging from the area confirm that the teen's leg was badly mauled during the attack.

Tragically, the teen, who lost a substantial amount of blood, later died from the injuries sustained.

The area in which the teen and her father had been surfing is known for the presence of great white sharks.



When most of us think about killer whales, we generally cast our mind back to the childhood movie Free Willy and the orca who befriended a boy, who eventually went on to save him – yes, we all know the story!

But, a recently released video will have you looking at killer whales in a whole new light – with the emphasis on KILLER.

Posted to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch Facebook page, the team shared the moment their drone caught on camera an offshore killer whale eating a SHARK. A sevengill shark to be exact.

And while we all know that these majestic black and white whales are predators, it's a pretty rare sight to catch on camera and – while we feel for the poor shark – it is nothing short of majestic. 

The way the pod works together to make sure they all get fed, while their babies swim beside is simply incredible.

And obviously people on Facebook were going bananas for it:

“This was something that was absolutely unexpected, and surprising. Just goes to show you the true balance of nature and not all things are really on the top of the food chain,” wrote one, while another commented: “Amazing!”

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This woman gets the fright of her life at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C when a shark charges towards her. Check out her reaction.



Leonardo Di Caprio has revealed that he was nearly attacked by a great white shark during an underwater expedition in 2006.

The incident occurred when Di Caprio was filming for the movie Blood Diamond in Cape Town, South Africa.

Revealing all to Ellen De Generes, Leo said, “I had a huge fear of sharks and when I did Blood Diamond in 2006 I actually got stuck in a cage with a great white, which was awesome”.

The actor, who is currently promoting the highly anticipated The Wolf of Wall Street, explained just how he survived the ordeal; “It went into the cage with me and half of its body was in and out. And I flattened down at the bottom and it was this far away and it chomped a few times. But I survived it.”

And we’re very glad you did.