Having Planet Earth withdrawals? Watch killer whale eating a SHARK


When most of us think about killer whales, we generally cast our mind back to the childhood movie Free Willy and the orca who befriended a boy, who eventually went on to save him – yes, we all know the story!

But, a recently released video will have you looking at killer whales in a whole new light – with the emphasis on KILLER.

Posted to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch Facebook page, the team shared the moment their drone caught on camera an offshore killer whale eating a SHARK. A sevengill shark to be exact.

And while we all know that these majestic black and white whales are predators, it's a pretty rare sight to catch on camera and – while we feel for the poor shark – it is nothing short of majestic. 

The way the pod works together to make sure they all get fed, while their babies swim beside is simply incredible.

And obviously people on Facebook were going bananas for it:

“This was something that was absolutely unexpected, and surprising. Just goes to show you the true balance of nature and not all things are really on the top of the food chain,” wrote one, while another commented: “Amazing!”

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