For anyone who’s ever drunkenly sang Never Had a Dream Come True on a night out or joyously blasted out Don’t Stop Movin’ when nobody’s home, we have some good news for you… S Club 7 are reuniting!

They were the cool kids of the Noughties, jetting around Miami and LA while we watched in awe on The Den. Now, Rachel, Bradley, Hannah and co. are reportedly planning to get back together.

The gang of seven met with their former management company, 19, recently, and now The Sun is reporting that they have all signed contracts for a comeback.

Addressing the rumours on Twitter, band member Paul Cattermole said it was “God damn close,” though he refused to confirm anything yet.

A source close to the band said that the group’s former manager Simon Fuller has big plans for a potential reunion. “Simon wants this comeback to be even bigger than Take That or Steps,” the source said.

We can't wait! Although let's hope the sports-bra-as-actual-top trend doesn't catch on again…