We all love staying in a hotel on holiday, and many of us will indulge in a little room service; but if you find picking up the phone and speaking to an actual human being a bit much, the Aloft Manhattan Downtown Hotel may have the answer.

The hotel has just launched Text it, Get it (or TiGi for short), a service that allows you to request things simply by sending an emoji. 

On arrival, guests are presented with a menu of "packages", which they can request by texting a specific emoji to hotel staff. 

If you request The Hangover Package, for instance, you will get two bottles of water, painkillers and two bananas, while The Munchies Package will bring junk food to your door. 

The Aloft seems to be the first hotel to make this service available to it's customers, however, it's not an entirely new idea. 

In January, Brooklyn bar Sunken Harbour Club, launched an entire emoji menu and BurgerBurger in London also allows you to order gourmet burgers via emoji. 

It seems like emoji's just might take over the world yet!