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Before Taylor Swift shook the industry with a string of chart-topping hits, numerous relationship sagas and several high-profile spats, we had Britney Spears.

Like Taylor, Britney started out as a wholesome, all-American gal until abruptly changing tack in 2002.

Out went the doe-eyes, pigtails and virginal relationship with Justin Timberlake, and in came the live snakes, provocative lyrics and public meltdowns.

And whether this comparison played a part in Andy Wu's decision to remix the two artists' music is unclear, but there's no denying that Britney's Toxic and Taylor's Look What You Made Me Do complement each other perfectly in this recently uploaded mash-up.

Andy, who goes by AKA AnDyWuMUSICLAND on YouTube, has been inundated with praise since sharing the remix in recent days.

"Better than the original," wrote one YouTuber while another added: "This is a MASTERPIECE."

But we'll let you guys decide for yourselves…



So it turns out that Adele is just like the rest of us and is in love with Drake. 

In a recent interview with ETalk, the singer confessed, "I love Drake so much," before revealing that she would like to collaborate with him. 

She added that she would love an official Hotline Bling remix with the rapper and would perhaps mix Hello into the hit song. 

"Call me on my flip phone, late night when you need my love." Sounds catchy, right? 

She also admitted that she has ordered the red bomber jacket that Drake wears in his hit track video, AND that there's a video of her drunkenly doing some Drake dance-moves too (but we all know she's not allowed on social media on her own, so we're sure that will probably never surface on the Internet. Sob). 

So, can we make this collaboration happen sometime soon please?! 



There are a whole lot of amateur YouTube musicians out there, and one guy, who goes by the name of Kutiman on Youtube, decided to mix them all together to create one pretty great song.

This guy clearly has some amazing editing and musical skills – not to mention an endless amount of patience. How many homemade videos must he have watched to create this?!

None of the musicians in the video know each other. This was NOT a group effort, so massive props go to the guy for putting it all together! We love it!



It was rumoured earlier this year that Beyoncé would feature on the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack.

And it seems that it’s really happening, after Bey herself posted a video teaser of the flick to her Instagram account last night.

Not giving away too much, Queen Bey wrote only ‘#fiftyshades’ alongside the teaser.

The anticipation is killing us!

The full trailer will be released this Thursday – we don’t know if we can wait that long!