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She caused quite the stir on Celebrity Big Brother last year, and most of her life has been documented thoroughly since leaving the house.

But now, Stephanie Davis is being welcomed back to BB – as an agony aunt.

Yes, Big Brother returned to our screens last night with a new batch of housemates to cause mischief which will no doubt make headline news.


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And over on the spin-off, Bit On The Side, the host Rylan revealed there would be new co-hosts joining the show.

As well as Trisha Goddard and the infamous Sinitta, Stephanie will step up to be a relationship expert.


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"She's going to be dishing out all of the advice. She should know!" Rylan explained.

A source told The Daily Star: "This is just what Steph needs. She is so excited to be returning to TV after a rocky 12 months."

Well, this is going to be interesting.



A love formula developed by MSN, can work out the main ingredients needed to have a long and healthy relationship.

The formula – which also revealed that the number of sexual partners a person has can affect their relationship success – determines the traits we look for in a partner as well.

“Most people enter a serious relationship, hoping it will last forever.  Few know that it’s only by the time they get to sexual partner number five that they really know what they want and are confident to voice it,” said MSN relationship expert.

This suggests that women are usually ready settle down by the time they’ve reached their fifth lover – probably because they’ve had enough of beating around the bush.

But as always, every rule has an exception, so this time around the exception could be you!