When you think of Power Rangers, you probably get all nostalgic reminiscing about your childhood.

Skin care probably isn't the first thing that springs to mind.  

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To celebrate the launch of the up-and-coming Power Rangers movie, which will be out later this year, Glam Glow is answering our eight-year-old prayers by creating a Power Rangers version of their famous Gravity Mud Mask.

The masks are inspired by the Power Ranger villains, Rita Repulsa and Goldar, as portrayed by their rich villainous shades. 


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 The masks are scheduled to launch in August and we kind of cant wait to get our hands on both. 

Our childhood fantasies of kicking butt in a Power Rangers costume are one step closer to becoming a reality. 


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According to Glam Glow's Instagram, evil is the new sexy, and looking at these masks, we couldn't agree more.

It's morphing time, for our skin at least.  

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