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Like many of my fellow Dublin dwellers, over the weekend, I took myself, my pals and a box of Orchard Thieves down to the canal in Portobello.

The sun had uprooted the city from it's usual Sunday routine, and with 23 degree heat blazing down, laughter, guitar music and the cracking open of cans was the soundtrack of the afternoon. 

However, unlike some of my fellow revellers, I disposed of my crisp packets, empty cans and cigarette butts in the extra bins provided. 

As someone who considers themselves a 'responsible' day drinker, the thought of leaving my trash behind me or dumping it in the canal is disgusting.

After all, how can the community and those who descend upon it in the good weather truly enjoy themselves if they're surrounded by what looks like a scene from Mike Judge's Idiocracy

The state the canal is left in is constantly an issue after sunny days, with Twitter and the likes of Lovin' Dublin scolding day drinkers with images of overflowing bins and plastic-littered canal water, but after years of the same conversation, the powers that be have declared that it has come to the point that it 'cannot continue. '

'It does require a much more co-ordinated effort on the part of the gardai and to recognise that it is an issue that actually has to be dealt with," Cllr Mary Freehill, who likes in the area, told The Irish Times. 

“There’s been drugs there as well, I’m afraid. What really concerns me about this is when you have a group of people consuming a lot of alcohol around very deep water, people may not realise that is an accident waiting to happen. It’s something we cannot allow to continue.”

This is just the epitome of a few people absolutely ruining things for everyone.

Yes, we all get hammered on occasion and there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting merry in the sunshine, but endangering yourself and trashing the area while you're at it simply isn't on. 

As my colleague pointed out in the office this morning, when we go on holidays to another city, and partake in their local beverages in the wild, we tidy up after ourselves, so why can't everyone have the same respect for our own city? 

Yes, I sound like a complete spoil sport, but leaving piles of rubbish strewn down the canal, public urination and generally obnoxious behaviour suddenly seems to become socially acceptable once the sun shines. 

Cllr Chris Andrews told The Irish Times that “whenever the sun shines it’s a problem” dealing with groups along the canal.

'There’s no overnight solution. We’re going to have to put a strategy in place to address it and redevelop it so there is infrastructure there for people who are social drinking and enjoying the scenery.' 

As much as the city council does need to do more to provide yet more bins, more surveillance and possibly portaloos, it's us, the revellers who need to check ourselves when enjoying the sun. 

Just take a shopping bag with you when you go day drinking, use it as your bin, and then take it home with you when you leave – don't apply that typical 'it'll be grand' attitude to your own rubbish disposal, because clearly it's not 'grand' when it's to the detriment of the people living in the area and the wildlife like swans, ducks, frogs and fish who are there 365 days of the year, not just when it suits them. 

If there's room in the bins, pop your trash in there – yes, it can be frustrating when you go to put your stuff in the bin and it's full. but that's where your take-home shopping bag comes in.

A bag of empty cans isn't the most glam thing to bring on the bus home but you could drop them off at a recycling bank on your way.

As for pissing in the street, can you just not?

'At one stage I could see 40 fellas pissing in the street at one time,' a resident told The Sun. 'People are walking by here holding their nose it is that bad.'

If a local pub allows toilet use for customers, buy a bottle of water, a drink or a snack and use the loo while you're there, at least you're contributing a small amount to a local business and keeping yourself hydrated while you're at it. 

The actual shame of peeing in a stranger's doorway and then them having to scrub it away the next day. Absolutely scarlet if you actually think that that's in any way acceptable. 

Cllr Chris Andrews admitted to The Irish Times that it's a hugely difficult thing to tackle, as when people get locked they lose the run of themselves. 

Local councillors are set to discuss these issues at their next meeting, so until then the fate of the cans and canal tradition hangs in the balance. 


Gardai are appealing to the public for information after a young man got into difficulty at the canal at Portobello Harbour over the weekend.

According to a statement released by the Gardaí, the 23-year-old man entered the water in the early hours of Sunday September 3 after being separated from his friends.

After being removed from the water, the man was transferred to St James Hospital where he currently remains in critical condition.

It is understood that the man had travelled to Dublin from Galway in order to attend the All Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday afternoon.

Gardaí at Kevin Street are anxious to speak with any persons who may have witnessed the incident, (especially a male and female who came to the assistance of the young man) or who can assist the investigation to contact Kevin Street Garda Station on 01-6669400, the Garda Confidential Line 1 800 666 111 or any Garda Station.



According to emerging reports, a man was shot in the shoulder during a scuffle with an off-duty garda in the capital in the early hours of this morning.

It is understood that the incident took place at the junction of Kingsland Parade and Portobello Road in Portobello at approximately 2am.

Due to the involvement of a member of the force, the Garda Watchdog Body GSOC is obligated to launch an investigation under Section 102 of the Garda Siochana Act.

The act states that "any matter that appears to the Garda Commissioner to indicate that the conduct of a member of the Garda Síochána may have resulted in the death of, or serious harm to, a person”.

Confirming the incident, a spokesperson for the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission said: "GSOC received a Section 102 referral, for death or serious harm, from the gardaí. A GSOC team has been deployed to the scene."

A number of emergency services attended the scene which remains cordoned off this morning.

It is understood that one person has been taken to hospital in the wake of the incident.


We feel a little ill even thinking about this – but apparently you can now buy a colossal, mind-boggling 32in pizza in Dublin.

Being dubbed Ireland's biggest pizza (and we believe them), Pinheads Pizza on South Circular Road is seemingly doing a roaring trade.

Ordinarily setting you back €32, if you can polish it all off – along with two of the establishment's milkshakes – you'll be given your dinner for free, as well as a spot on their wall of fame.

"As part of a recent revamp of our store, we decided to come up with some new ideas which included the creation of the Biggest Pizza in Ireland," their website states.

Sadly, at the moment Pinheads don't deliver – they say they simply haven't designed a big enough box yet – but if you're in the area, would YOU be up for the challenge?