In case you haven’t heard, rapper 50 Cent is no longer spending his time In Da Club as a result of his financial issues.

Not too long ago Fiddy (real name Curtis Jackson) filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The papers filed indicate that his money woes are largely due to “consumer debts”.

So, basically, he spent all his money on lots of luxe athletic gear and lost the run of himself somewhere along the way. Oops.

He was also ordered by the courts to pay a woman €4.5m because he released her sex tape without getting her permission first. In the tape Curtis sports a wig and plays a character called Pimpin’ Curly.

However, the people of the internet are not going to let Mr Jackson's recent issues keep him down for too long. Yes, a Tumblr account has been created which is dedicated to helping the hip hop star replenish his bank account.

Make 50 Cent Rich Again (genius title) is fitted with a Spotify widget and the premise is that for every time his song Piggy Bank is played, Spotify pay him.

Sounds like the perfect solution right? Well, it’s important to note that for each play Spotify pay Curtis $0.0011.

So, he may be waiting a while before he pays off his $50m bankruptcy.

We now understand a little better why Tay-Tay went off on such a massive mission to demand Apply Music pay their artists. Well, kind of.