Kylie Jenner has been the talk of the beauty business this week with the launch of her hotly anticipated Valentine's Day collection.

However, talk has turned to one of her older Kylie Cosmetics releases.

The makeup mogul's Peach Palette sold out in mere minutes, as do all of her products, and fans were in awe of the vibrant colours and improved packaging. 

Unfortunately, once makeup lovers began receiving their anticipated palettes, a recurring issue emerged.

Many Kylie fans have complained about a strong, chemical smell emitting from the eye shadows. 

Some customers are even questioning whether the makeup is safe to use due to the allegedly overpowering scent. 

Customers had previously been wondering if the palette would be peach scented, so they must have gotten a bit of a shock when they dicovered the chemical aroma.

Other customers have said that there is no issue with the scent of the makeup they received. 

Kylie and her cosmetics camp have yet to comment on the issue.