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Love Island fans have always been obsessed with the pure relationship between Amber Gill and Ovie Soko, but last night's final was the cherry on top of a glorious cake.

Ovie was essentially a proud dad when Amber and Irish charmer Greg O'Shea were crowned the winners of the 2019 show.

Referring to her as his 'little sister', it was the pinnacle of their beautiful, healthy and supportive friendship. The basketball player looked more than chuffed to see her become Queen of the villa.

The pair beat off stiff competition in the form of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, but the public were bowled over by how respectful Greg was towards Amber after she went through hell with Michael Griffiths.

Well, now Amber has £25,000 and a Greg on her arm, so f*ck you Michael. Many viewers were questioning Maura Higgins' face when the couple were named as first place winners, but Ovie was cheering from the sidelines.

"Did anyone catch how happy Ovie looked when Amber and Greg won?" one person wrote on Twitter, while another added, "OVIE LOOKS SO HAPPY FOR AMBER HONESTLY THAT MAN IS AN ANGEL".

A third commented, "Ovie’s reaction to Amber and Greg winning is everything," and another added, "Ovie is like that proud dad blessing Amber and Greg’s relationship." 

The man is a classy gentleman, and seeing such an amazing vibe between the pair proves that the show isn't just about finding a romantic partner.

When he was asked his favourite moment of the series, he included the fact that he met a "fiery girl" in Casa Amor who became his little sister. At that point, the audience were almost certainly crying…

His exact, glorious words were;

"I came into this Love Island villa looking for the opportunity to find someone special. I arrived four weeks ago in Casa Amor, I met a fiery girl that backed me from day one, and grew on me as a little sister."

Amber gets Ovie as her new BFF/Big Brother/Guardian Angel as well as £25K and a Greg? Life is sweet for those who wait for what they deserve to come to them.

The man is full of joy, and we'll miss seeing him every night on our screens more than we can ever say.

Ex Islanders Yewande Biala, Anna Vakili, Anton Danyluk, Belle Hassan as well as Chris Taylor, Harley Brash, Jordan Hames and Joe Garratt all cheered Amber on from a viewing party of their own.

Yewande in particular was delighted for her villa bestie, and Anna praised Amber for being the "most real" girl in the villa.

What a series, but three cheers for King Greg. The Limerick man went on a 12 day holiday, treated a girl with respect and came out of it with £25,000 and a new career. Praise Jesus for Greg.

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Ever since Ovie arrived into Casa Amor and set his six foot tall, tattooed gorgeousness on Anna, we've been weak for the man.

Not to mention his respectful, mature attitude which has no time for anyone who wants to kill his vibe. He's utterly himself in a fake, constructed reality show and that says a LOT.

His hilarious antics have earned him fans all over the world, and he's officially the favourite on the internet. No doubt about it, Ovie is making a serious mark on this year's Love Island.

in love hearts GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

Here are the receipts to prove Ovie's 2019 MVP status, we're willing to fight about this one. Defending Ovie to the death is now on our life mantra list.

1. Ovie dancing to the kettle boiling

2. His face when Maura pulled Amy for 'a chat' over Curtis

3. That big d*ck energy with his ice lolly, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here hat and tropical print outfit

4. The chap just wants to avoid drama and chill in the sun

5. He sleeps in a bucket hat

6. He won't change for anyone

7. His fashion game is undeniably strong, and he speaks his truth

8. The way he shouts 'message' after anyone says 'I GOT A TEXT'

9. Just TRY and bother him, just try. It's impossible. He ain't bothered.

10. He's a 6 foot tall handsome devil

11. Ovie isn't just the content we need, it's the content we DESERVE

12. Ovie and Amber's friendship

13. Can he win the show as a single man for loving himself?

14. He doesn't let the Jordan and Anna debacle get his negative energy down, he moves on and runs a race

15. We stan a mature king

16. Amber calming him down after his argument with Anna is such goals

17. Just give us the summer romance and nobody gets hurt

18. The man doesn't stay in the past

19. He needs a camera on him at ALL TIMES

20. He's got Snoop Dogg vibes in his life and he ain't about to lose 'em

21. He treats women with respect, remember when he called Amber a boss after Michael proved to be trash?

In conclusion, we stan Ovie harder than ever and he deserves the £50,000 for being a god-given angel.

Well, he's 100 percent set up for life with sponsorship deals after getting inducted into the Love Island Hall of Fame anyway, so we reckon he'll ascent some sort of throne.

The man has a beautiful energy, he only acts like his hilarious self at all times, has zero time for bullsh*t and genuinely speaks only the truth. Ovie for the win, we say.

Feature image: ITV/REX