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The vast majority of us are filled with good intentions.

From vowing to volunteer to promising to pledge, so many of us intend to do something for those less fortunate than ourselves, but it's not too often we manage to make good on these promises.

So, it's no real surprise that one woman, who was determined to make a difference, has made waves on Twitter this weekend after a note she left for a stranger did the rounds on social media.

Having caught sight of it taped to a bin in Rathmines, one Twitter user snapped a shot and paid tribute to the woman's philanthropy, writing: "Wow. Found this taped to a bin in Rathmines. It's completely restored my faith in humanity."

"Dear friend, I saw you taking food out of this bin yesterday," it read. "No person should have to eat out of a bin or look through rubbish for food. I’ve left €10 behind the till for you in Starbucks."

 "Pop in and get yourself something to eat. It’s under the name Fiona O’Malley," it continued.

"I’ll be there tomorrow morning doing some work between 9am and 11am if you want to meet me for a coffee. I’m the lanky blonde lady." it finished.

Fiona, you're the bomb.


When Rihanna was announced as a performer for this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the angels and her fans were all delighted. But with only a weeks notice, RiRi pulled out of the major event and left everyone sorely disappointed. 

She did her best to kiss and make up last night though as she sent a very sweet note to the VS gang ahead of their show yesterday.

The note read, "Wish I was there with you guys. Kill it tonight. See you all next time. Love, Rihanna." The note was also accompanied by a bunch of pink balloons. 

We have a feeling Rihanna was feeling nostalgic about her 2012 performance, however, she's not leaving out the possibility of being part of the show again in the future. 

So there seems to be hope of a VS and Rihanna mash up yet!