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New Year’s Eve

Today marks the start of 2016, and while we wish we were ready to embrace the New Year, we probably need a few more hours to nurse our hangover first.

The same is most likely true for some big Irish names who rang in 2016 in style last night. Of course, not everyone hit the town – for some stars, it was a very low-key evening indeed.

Here's how a few of our faves celebrated the big night…

Ronan Keating  and Storm Uechtritz
The newlyweds headed to Verbier in Switzerland for a skiiing holiday with Ronan's children Ali, Jack and Missy, where they celebrated midnight with some aprés-ski action.


Rosanna Davison
Jealous face in place. Rosanna and her husband Wes Quirke took a post-Christmas holiday in Mauritius, where they've been soaking up the sun for the last few days. The model donned a stunning green dress from the H&M X BALMAIN collection for last night's celebrations *swoon*


Laura Whitmore
The MTV host rang in 2016 from New York, where she partied with her new rocker boyfriend Rory Williams and a gang of pals including her long-time friend Samantha Barry.


Georgia Salpa
New mum Georgia looked utterly stunning last night, but she told fans she had a low key evening, choosing to watch "the fireworks at home with my boys" – which not only includes her husband Joe Penna but the pair's new twin sons.


Vogue Williams
After admitting earlier this week that 2015 had been a "very tough year" for her, Vogue seemed to keep things calm last night, opting for a night in with these two:


Rozanna Purcell
Like many of us, Roz is starting 2016 with clean eating intentions, so it's fitting that she rounded off the year with a major treat. "Just before the new year starts getting an ultimate @moochfroyo00 kinder buenos sauce and smashed Oreo….. Over peanut butter soft serve froyo," she wrote on Instagram next to a snap of the decadent creation.




Planning on sending out a few 'Happy New Year' messages this evening? Well, you might want to consider email or even – gasp – TEXTING, because the oh-so reliable WhatsApp is experiencing some issues today.

Users across Ireland, the UK and most of Europe experienced a total outage of the app around 4.30pm today, which lasted for around 30 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, people took to Twitter in their droves to complain/try to remember how normal texting works:

It's thought that the outage had to do with the high number of people across the world celebrating New Year's Eve in different timezones – New Zealand was the first to ring in 2016 at 11am Irish time, with Australia following soon after.

With around 900m users around the globe, we'll allow WhatsApp the odd hiccup, but here's hoping it doesn't happen again. 

The messaging service isn't the only company to have server issues today – this morning all of the BBC's websites were down, including news sites and the iPlayer. Disaster.


Have we hung up our hats when it comes to partying the night away on New Year's Eve or is it totally reasonable to hit the hay before the clock strikes midnight?

A new survey of Netflix users around the globe has revealed that many of us want to pack in the annual December 31 celebrations long before midnight.

The survey found that 49 percent of parents think 9pm is the new midnight – not just for their kids – and 41 percent of parents in the US will trick their children into going to bed before the bells ring in the new year.

But it's not just the presence of littlies in the house that pushes some of us to forgo staying up until midnight.

After all, who hasn't feigned illness at least once on NYE in favour of a movie night or even an evening spent cuddled up in bed? If you want to celebrate New Year's a little early this year, we may have the solution to all of that FOMO.

No matter where you are, or what time it is, start your party early by looking up New Year's Eve Countdown on Netflix. That will then bring you to a ten second countdown, so you won't have to miss out on the whole THREE, TWO, ONE, fiasco. 

Pretty cool, huh? We don't know about you, but our food comas tomorrow night might just have us clicking on the ten second countdown at 10pm… or maybe 9pm.


There ain't no party like a Daniel O'Donnell party, right? 

Well, TG4 seem to think so as they are saying goodbye to 2015 in a New Year's Eve special show, and Daniel is the host.

The show which will air at 10.45pm on December 31, will see Daniel celebrate with a wide range of Irish stars including legendary singer, Brendan Shine. 

Mr O'Donnell will take to the stage to sing with Brendan in front of a live audience in Newry Town Hall. Daniel will also sing some of his well known songs on the special show.

Also joining the lads is traditional singer Treasa Ní Cheannabháin. So it's set to be a good one!



It's the night of the year that carries the most expectation but rarely lives up to the hype. Whether it's down to drinking a little too much champagne before the countdown or not making it out due to a simple lack of planning, our New Year's Eve celebrations often fall flat at the first hurdle. 

You tell yourself every year that it will be different, but this time it actually will be, because we have provided you with a tried-and-tested list of preparations to ensure that you organise the best New Year's Eve ever.


1. Make a solid plan

Yes folks, the key is in the organisation, especially if you're planning a trip away or a night out with a big group of people. If you want your New Year's Eve to go as smoothly as possible, decide on your plan as early in advance as you can, and stick to it. Make sure everyone knows what's happening, where you're headed, what time to be there, etc. As one of those nights that can go either way – epic success or major disaster – the best way to ensure that it goes off without a hitch is to plan every detail. Make Monica Gellar-style itineraries if needs be!


2. Pre-book your taxis

Heed our warning or you'll still be at home, waiting for a taxi to pick you up during the countdown. Even worse, you might be forced into assuming the role of designated driver for the night, just so that it isn't a total disaster. Whether you're hitting a party or heading into town for the night, book your taxi to and from the venue as early as you can so as not to miss out on one precious moment of celebration.



3. Make it special

While Stephen's Day seems to be one of those nights where everyone just heads to their local for a bit of craic, there is something distinctly special about New Year's Eve; it's about everyone getting together to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Whether you're marking the occasion with friends or family, go all-out with the decorations and the tunes to create the perfect ambiance. If you're throwing a party, give it a theme and make everyone come in their finest glad rags to kick off the year in style.


4. Park the drama

Okay, so maybe you didn't find the perfect party dress in time, or perhaps you didn't get tickets to that big event that you had been looking forward to. A sure way to ruin your night is to feed into your own drama or that of those around you. Tell yourself that you're going to have an amazing night no matter what, and walk away from any unnecessary conflict. New Year's Eve is all about being with the people you love and having fun, so make the most of the night you get rather than comparing to the night you had hoped for.



5. Stock the fridge

We're thinking champagne for the countdown and plenty of food for the inevitable hangover the next day! Nothing ruins your epic New Year's Eve like waking up to a pounding headache and an empty fridge. This is even more important if you're throwing a party – there will be crashers and they will expect a feed the next morning!


6. Charge your phone/ camera

New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year. On top of that, it's probably the last time you and your friends or family will all be together for another year, so it's prime memory-making time. Make sure your gadgets are charged so you don't miss one precious moment – your photos and videos will provide a year's worth of happy memories.



7. Be with the people you love

Okay, it's prime party time, but the sentiment of the event falls a little flat when you find yourself wandering around a club or a random house during the countdown, wondering who half of these people are. A sure way to guarantee you have the best New Year's Eve possible is to surround yourself with your loved ones. Trust us; there's something really lovely about welcoming in a new year with the people you hold dearest, rather than sweating it out in a club around some seriously drunk strangers.