You may not want to admit it, but at some point in you relationship things are going to move from steamy and exciting to stay in and chill. So, when it comes to thinking about how compatible you and your new significant other are, people are taking their Netflix que and DVD collection into account more than ever. 

The thousands of internet memes that propose we should look into using our Netflix accounts as an online match making service are finally becoming a reality. Netfling is hyping itself up as the best way to "find your perfect couch companion."


Working much like Tinder, just without having to use a Facebook account to sort through your possible matches. Netfling would rely on your Netflix information to find people who watch the same TV series and films you do. 

So there will actually be a real-life verson of 'here's 25 other singles who just watched seven series of Grey's Anatomy'. 

The people at Netfling are making the claim that: “The secret to a happy relationship isn’t communication…it’s having the same Netflix taste.” 

Considering there has been a dating app that bases your possible love interests on their pet ownership status, among many more bizarre dating services, we are considering Netfling might be a success. Look, winter is a long season with shorter days and chilly, wet weather. It is a time when we will shamelessly indulge in lazy evenings on the couch, so why not make the most of it?

The argument can also be made that people's taste in TV will tell you a lot about them, but also maybe too much. Do we really want potential suitors to know just how much time we spend watching Say Yes To The Dress? Hmmm.

At the very least though, you will know that you have at least two common interests: TV and online dating. Recipe for success, yes?