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Despite gifting his BAE a massive diamond ring and a couple of luxury cars, it’s no secret that Rack City rapper Tyga isn’t the best with money.

As well as recently losing a number of vehicles through repossession, the 26-year-old hit-maker has also been in trouble with his landlord for failing to make rent, and now it looks like his on/off girlfriend Kylie Jenner could be dragged into a legal battle as part of her beau’s next financial dispute.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the young reality star will face questions under oath about the father of one’s finances as part of a 2013 case in which Tyga was sued by celebrity jeweller Jason Arasheben for not paying off over $270,000 in jewellery expenses.

Arasheben’s legal rep is planning to question 19-year-old Kylie about the OTT gifts she’s received from T during their relationship.

Presents of interest include a snakeskin Gucci handbag, that diamond promise ring, her 18th birthday present (aka a $320,000 white Ferrari) and a $200,000 black Mercedes Maybach (the one with the pink lit interiors).

The couple have reportedly been ordered to be available for questioning in the coming weeks, but for now will avoid going to court as the attorney involved has agreed to interview them in a private setting.

The purpose of this questioning is to determine how Tyga can afford such an extravagant lifestyle while being unable to clear what he owes the jeweller.



Struggling to find a gaf in Dublin?  Oh, we hear ya.

Between the Internet, an improving minimum wage and decent public transport links you would think that finding a place to live in the country’s capital shouldn’t be overly taxing.

But if this latest gem on Daft.ie is anything to go by, that assumption is nothing short of being completely and utterly bonkers.


According to this Daft ad, a nicely furnished double ensuite room in the popular village of Ranelagh will cost you a cool €1,250 a month BEFORE you pay any of your bills.

Granted the room is located only four minutes from the closest Luas stop and is part of a recently restored Georgian house which “boasts all mod cons”, but is that really enough to justify paying €15,000 per year to share a decent house with two other people?


Sadly this situation is quickly becoming the new normal as late last month a Daft report revealed that rents nationwide have now surpassed what they were during the Celtic Tiger era.

The report suggested that renting in the capital will now cost you 5.2 percent more than it would have in early 2008 and since landlords are taking full advantage of this situation, is it any wonder you could end up paying well over a grand a month for a house share?

So if you find yourself going completely daft as you search through, well, Daft, just know that you are by no means alone.