Cleaning mirrors and glass can be a pain; streaks, steam and stains can drive you up the wall. These quick and economical cleaning tips are really helpful and will always ensure you can see yourself in your windows and mirrors, what more could you want!


  • The best way to clean mirrors is to use water mixed with washing up liquid and then to wipe it down with kitchen paper. No need to drench it – a little will do. Use more kitchen paper to really bring out that shine and get rid of any streaks.
  • Does it take longer than you have for your mirror to defog after a shower? Use a cloth or kitchen paper and use some shaving foam for a quick fix.


  • The best way to clean a window is simple, economic and works wonders. Just mix some water with plain old white vinegar, tear up a newspaper and get to work! Soak some of the newspaper in the vinegar mixture and clean all your windows, using extra newspaper to dry and bring up a great shine.