Ever look at your dog chasing his own tail and think ‘that mutt is a born leader’?  No, neither have we – but apparently in Minnesota canine politics isn’t all that uncommon.

The small US town of Cormorant has elected a nine-year-old Great Pyreness named Duke as its official mayor for the third year in a row after the giant fluffy white dog achieved a landslide victory in the town’s public vote.

According to the Mail Online, not one member of the town’s 1,000 person population ran against Duke in the election and the only other potential politician to earn a vote was Duke’s girlfriend Lassie who received one single show of support – was it from Duke?

Cormorant resident Karen Nelson told WDAY that she can think of no one in the area who could lead as well as the pampered pooch does.

She said: “I don't know who would run against him, because he's done such great things for the community.”

The prized pet first rose to power back in 2014 after he emerged top dog in the town’s write-in vote.  Since then he has dominated the area’s politics with his consistent ability to achieve electoral success.

For now Duke is the only dog in America to hold the title of mayor, but given the high level of satisfaction among his constituents maybe doggie politics could be the way to go.

Top centre image: Detroit Lakes Tribune

Centre image: AP