Call it the new detox juice! Matcha green tea has popped up everywhere over the past year, but it's only now that we're realising the real health benefits from it.

Los Angeles nutritionist, Cynthia Pasquella, spoke to Harper's Bazaar about the new study that proves this tea is the best thing for us.

"A compound in matcha called EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate] has been shown to boost metabolism and stop the growth of fat cells," says Cynthia.

"Matcha has played an important role for a number of my clients," Ms Pasquella admitted. "It's smart to swap it for coffee, which can play with blood sugar, leading to weight gain."

But what is matcha, you ask? While green tea usually consists of dried, chopped leaves that are steeped in a bag, matcha is a fine powder made from plants specially shade-grown to develop the flavour and it's bright colour.

While studies have mixed conclusions about precisely how much matcha or EGCG may be needed to lose weight, Cynthia suggest one to three cups a day is enough.