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For those of you who have been using the same luggage since you were a kid – we think it's time for something different.

Say goodbye to those heavy, dull and nearly-broken suitcases, and say hello to these fabulous pieces from Parfois.

With fun and colourful cartoon exteriors, we think these pieces are possibly the cutest things we've seen around town (and are hardy enough to fit the kitchen sink into!).

La Maison Trolley €69.99

PARFOIS Stickers Trolley €69.99

Stickers Backpack €29.99

If you fancy grabbing one of these gorgeous pieces, Parfois has stores in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Pavilions Shopping Centre, Dublin; Crescent Shopping Centre, Limerick; Mahon Point, Cork and T1 Dublin Airport or visit its online store here.



Ugh. If flying away on your holiday wasn't dear enough, Ryanair and Aer Lingus have just announced price increases on checked-in baggage.

And guess what? It comes into play TODAY. 

According to the Independant, Aer Lingus used to charge €20 for bags weighing 20kg, but will now charge €35. And for 15kg, the airline has increased its price from €15 to €25.

Ryanair have similar price hikes, with luggage weighing 20kg going up from €25 to €40 and smaller bags weighing 15kg will go up from €20 to €30. 

It's nearly just as dear as the price of a flight itself now!



With New York Fashion Week over, and London coming to a close, we've already seen celebrities, designers, models and bloggers don their best outfits in order to get the best street style snap. 

If you pay close attention to what these women wear, you start to notice a trend among them. 

There are certain items every one of them seem to own and wear regularly as they go about their daily business.

Speaking to Who What Wear, stylist Marissa Webb said: "It's really impossible to speak for every other woman in the fashion industry, of course, but they are a few items I've spotted frequently on many."

Want to know what they are? Read our top list:

Fashionable flats

After all, fashion girls spend a lot of time on their feet! From fashion shows to press event, photo shoots and more, fashionistas are kept going – and no matter what anyone tells you, it's hard to do in heels. 


A go-to fragrance

Every stylish woman has a favourite perfume! It's something that they will be remembered by as they go from place to place. But there's always time to update your scent with these new autumn launches. 


The perfect trench coat

They all need a trendy trench coat for travel. Most of them choose the longer style as it gives them multiple ways to change it up. But when you're on one side of the city and you need to get over to the other, these slick cover-ups really come in handy.



Fashion women are tired women – between working and events (especially during Fashion Week), it can be so draining. The most stylish way to cover that up is by wearing chic sunglasses. Just look at Anna Wintour!


Functional but chic luggage

Women in fashion spend a lot of time travelling, whether at home or abroad. Functional luggage is a major priority (because let's face it, they have  A LOT of clothes to fit in their bags). But no one wants to walk around with a grubby suitcase, so a stylish yet sturdy suitcase is key.



Unfortunately, while you may assume that baggage handlers take as much care in your travel case as you do, this video will make you rethink that thought.