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Ever heard the claim that dog owners can actually resemble their canine companions?

Well turns out the same could actually be true for humans and their partners.

In general, long-term couples tend to develop similar mannerisms and facial expressions. It’s cute, most of the time.

But have you ever looked at your partner and thought ‘actually, dya know what, we look really alike’?

You only have to look at any Hollywood red carpet to see plenty examples of the phenomenon.

Take Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren for example.

Or LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian. 

And Courtney Cox and Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid.

Well, turns out, if you do happen to share some physical attributes with your significant other, you guys could actually have similar genes.


Research conducted at universities in Pennsylvania, California and Boston found that people will most likely marry someone with the same ancestry.

Results of the study, published in PLOS Genetics, concluded that people of Northern European, Southern European and Ashkenazi Jewish descent are the worst offenders.

But thankfully, after studying families over three generations, researchers found that the tendency to hook up with someone we share great-great-great grandparents with, has declined over time.



If you think your perfect guy is a mix of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik, then look no further.

Imagine the combo of Zayn's dark brows and piercing eyes along with Justin's pouty lips and blonde hair… Sound perfect?

Well, Twitter has gone into meltdown today after a fan spotted David Carrera, a model from Spain.

He's the IMAGE of the two singers put together and many have said that he's the "perfect combination." 

Many who saw the model questioned if the photo was photoshopped, but David butted in and shared a picture with the caption, "I'm in here."

OK, David. We'll be there soon… Wherever that is… 


Recently, a cat that looks like Star Wars and Girls star, Adam Driver, totally broke the Internet.

It was so like the actor that we couldn't help crack up… But that was so last week.

Now, Reese Witherspoon has found not one, but two cat doppelgangers and we completely love them.

The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to share with the world her cat look-a-likes, and she already has more than 85,000 likes on the pic.

"I see the resemblance. Do you? #catwinning," she captioned the snap.

We see a new celebrity trend coming on!