Now, we know The Lovely Girls competition on Craggy Island was a major hit (even if it wasn't real), and Father Ted loved it also, but there's a new competition running in Kerry, and we think it might be even better.

The Lovely Legs competition has been launched in a shop in Kerry for the run up to Valentine's Day. 

And it's not just the ladies entering, nope, the lads are in on this one too.

Men and women are being asked to send in pictures of their legs for the chance of winning €100 and a years supply of tights OR a suit, shirt and tie for the men from East River in Listowel, Kerry. 

The men's legs are being judged by Lynn and Fiona O Connor and the ladies legs are being judged by Radio Kerry DJ, Andrew Morrissey. 

If you want to apply, you have to be 18-years-old and over. The closing date is this Valentine's Day at 2pm.

So get snapping ladies… and men. 

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