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Back in her Valleys days, MTV star Lateysha Grace used to brag about looking like Beyoncé. 

But it seems the young mum has since suffered a major blow to her confidence as last week she travelled to Turkey to undergo a complete physical transformation via cosmetic surgery.

In a new interview the Big Brother contestant told The Sun how she recently spent £4,000 on her third Brazilian butt lift, liposuction for her arms and upper back, a face contouring procedure and having her breast implants removed in a bid to feel better about her body. 


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But unfortunately Lateysha’s plans for enhancement don’t end there.

The 23-year-old admitted that despite bursting her dress while twerking on TV recently, she still wants to have her bum made even bigger than it currently is.

She said: “I love my new bum but I know that I want more…I’ve got plans to get it done again in a couple of months.” 



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The Welsh reality star confessed that body image insecurities – which she developed since achieving fame – have led to her constantly scrutinizing her physical appearance.

She said: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror and thinking ‘oh, I want this bigger’ or ‘I want my waist smaller’ – I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my body.”

“The reason I do it is because I'm insecure – point blank – before I did TV I never thought of having surgery but people always dig out the bad things about yourself on TV so it does play on your mind.”



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She also revealed that while she would never encourage her one-year-old daughter to get surgery in the future, she would support her decision to do so if “she was getting down and depressed” like she herself was.

We hope Lateysha learns to love herself just as she is.




Lateysha Grace is certainly no shrinking violet. but even she had to admit that her appearance on last night's Bit on the Side was one of the more mortifying of her television career.

The Valleys star, who recently made her way into the Big Brother house before being evicted in recent days, appeared alongside Rylan Clark on the spin-off show, and decided to give him a quick lesson in twerking,

Readying herself to perform Miley's favourite move, Lateysha – rocking a skin-tight strapless dress – turned her back to the camera, and went for it.

In a moment which has everyone in SHEmazing! HQ cringing all over themselves this morning, Lateysha fell victim to a wardrobe malfunction of the highest order, and ended up accidentally mooning the viewing public.

Latesyha did what any self-respecting woman would do in that situation – grabbed her arse, shrieked and threw herself backwards onto the couch.

Ladies, prepare yourselves for this one…