So, Lateysha Grace MOONED everyone during a twerk last night

Lateysha Grace is certainly no shrinking violet. but even she had to admit that her appearance on last night's Bit on the Side was one of the more mortifying of her television career.

The Valleys star, who recently made her way into the Big Brother house before being evicted in recent days, appeared alongside Rylan Clark on the spin-off show, and decided to give him a quick lesson in twerking,

Readying herself to perform Miley's favourite move, Lateysha – rocking a skin-tight strapless dress – turned her back to the camera, and went for it.

In a moment which has everyone in SHEmazing! HQ cringing all over themselves this morning, Lateysha fell victim to a wardrobe malfunction of the highest order, and ended up accidentally mooning the viewing public.

Latesyha did what any self-respecting woman would do in that situation – grabbed her arse, shrieked and threw herself backwards onto the couch.

Ladies, prepare yourselves for this one…