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The organisers of the One Zero sport and tech conference are looking to sue Lance Armstrong for bailing on the event last minute.

Lance was booked in to attend a high-profile interview today in the RDS, which would have been followed by a 45-minute Q&A session.

The co-founder of One Zero, Rob Hartnett, has said today that he and the organisers are going to pursue the American athlete for the money that was already paid to him.

"Money has been paid and we will be seeking to get that money back. It’s part of the terms of the contract.

“This all broke less than 24 hours ago so we’ll be with lawyers after the event," he added.



Lance Armstrong was supposed to take to the stage in Dublin in less than 24 hours, but has had to pull out at the last minute.

The cyclist was meant to take part in the One Zero Conference which is being held in the RDS, but organisers have now confirmed he won't be attending due to "legal reasons."

The organisers told Pundit Arena: "He was no longer willing to travel to Ireland and participate in the planned interview with Ewan McKenna.

"We are extremely disappointed that Armstrong has withdrawn at the last minute from appearing at One Zero.

"He has let us down, he has let his fans down and he has let down those that wanted to hear him openly discuss his past and the future of sport."

Ouch, not a good move Lance.