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With the birth of social media came an upsurge in the circulation of intimate images sent by ex partners in the aftermath of a break up.

Revenge porn, as it is more commonly known, has hit the headlines countless times over recent years, and the Labour Party are seeking to include it in a bill focussing on cyber-bullying.

According to emerging reports, the new bill would see the criminalisation of revenge porn, with those convicted liable to face a six-month prison sentence.

Commenting on the move, Labour leader, Brendan Howlin, reinforces the importance of protecting those who choose to join the online community.

"The advent of technology means we’re now living in a very different communications climate, and Ireland’s harassment current laws don’t reflect that."

"Our Bill seeks to bring existing regulation up to date by broadening the legal definition of communication, so it covers all electronic, written and spoken word, including for example, an iMessage, Whatsapp or Facebook message, and a tweet or social media post," he added.

The Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Bill will be debated in the Dáil this evening.



If you happened to pick up a newspaper this morning, you may have witnessed a legitimate one page advertisement for a Irish political party using none other than One Direction to get their message across. 

We kid you not. 

The Labour Party superimposed the faces of Paul Murphy, Lucinda Creighton, Gerry Adams, Micheál Martin and Shane Ross onto the bodies of our favourite boyband. 

Complete with the words "no direction" emblazoned across the image, this may be the best advertisement ever made in the history of Irish general elections… if you can get over the sheer farce of it all. 

Not to be totally outdone, an ensuing Twitter spat has broken out between one of the featured politicians, Lucinda, and the Labour party. 

The Renua party leader took to social media to point out that there is actually only four current members of One Direction. 

How sassy. 

And just when we thought it couldn't dissolve into any more hilarity, the Labour Party's official Twitter responded with: "Sure… it's obvious you're Zayn & given your history, you'd be the first to leave!"

Touché, Labour, touché.

We hope we have stopped cringing by February 26.