Kylie Jenner took to Twitter last night ot tell fans that she will be removing herself from her app for the time being.

Kylie, who has always had input and directed the content for her application Kylie, is stepping down after comments she claims she "never said" were posted to the site.

The comments were about her intimate sex life with long term boyfriend Tyga, and included a suggestion that the way to keep your man happy was through the use of sex toys, massages and lingerie.

The post, called Kylie: How I Spoil My Man, has since been deleted.

The teenage makeup maven took to Twitter to tell fans she will be quitting work on her app for the foreseeable future after the article was posted, allegedly without her permission.

The post was "very personal" and the star felt that it was "unfair" that it had been published. 

The post outlined a number of ways that Kylie apparently "takes care" of Tyga, including cooking for him and his friends, creating a "fun sex life" and bringing him breakfast in bed.

"This morning, a drafted article was inadvertently posted for a short period of time on Kylie's app. This was a draft that was not in Kylie's words, was not Kylie's idea and had not been sent to her for approval," said a spokesperson for the Kylie app. 

However, fans aren't happy with Kylie's decision to step down from the app:

"What's the point of having an app in your name if you don't post on it? Or am I missing something?" said one.

When Kylie will come back to her app in the wake of the unapproved post has yet to be seen.