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After one long year and seven months of constant speculation as to whether they would get back together again, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom officially finalised their divorce.

Khloé, 31, and Lamar, 35, were married for four years but filed for divorce in December of 2013.

TMZ reports that according to court documents the pair signed legal documents to make the separation official on July 17. The decision to end their marriage was a long time coming. At one point a judge had threatened to dismiss the case as so much time had passed without any activity in the duo’s file.

Since their high-profile split, Lamar has largely been out of the public spotlight while rumours circulated he was struggling with drug and alcohol issues. He also has had to deal with the death of good friend Jamie Sangouthai, 37.  Then just one week later another of his friends Bobby Heyward also passed away.

According to Hollywood Life, Khloé has been supporting Lamar through the difficult time.

Khloé was apparently considering not going through with the divorce as recently as December 2014, after her relationship with rapper French Montana fizzled out.


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Recently, she has been linked with basketball player James Harden. However, things between the pair may not be as good as Instagram would have us believe.

Hollywood Life is reporting that model Rochelle Relf, 23, is claiming that she and James were together after he and Khloé had taken their romantic Hawaii getaway.


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“Khloé was with James in Hawaii, then he flew to Australia and spent the night with me. He was charming, affectionate – he asked me to visit him in America and told me he was a single guy,” Rochelle told New Idea.

“He kept checking I was single and asked if a boyfriend would come bursting through the door looking for me.” 

Not exactly what we wanted to hear about Khloé’s new BF, but she will no doubt have something to say about those rumours. 


Khloé Kardashian has had a difficult time of it lately, and she made her feelings clear in an Instagram post last night.

As well as her recent break-up from rapper French Montana, December must be a hard time for Khloé given that it's now almost exactly one year since she filed for divorce from husband Lamar Odom.

The star is no stranger to sharing her feelings on social media, and her emotional post last night soon had fans offering their good wishes.

"'What was it like to lose him,' asked Sorrow," read the quote. "There was a long pause before I responded: It was like hearing every goodbye said to me said all at once."

So sad. Fans shared some sweet messages in the comments, with notes like, "Tomorrow's a new day" and "You didn't deserve it."

The star split from French Montana last week, after a brief reunion following their original split in September. The pair had been seeing one another for eight months when they reconciled, but the Kardashian clan reportedly disapproved of Khloé's man in a big way and even staged an intervention asking her to reconsider the relationship.

Just last month, Khloé shared another touching quote about loss, and on Lamar's birthday she posted a poem about closure which read, "Like time suspended, a wound unmended—you and I. We had no ending, no said goodbye. For all my life, I'll wonder why."

We hope she's doing okay!



Yesterday was Lamar Odom’s birthday and that evening, Khloe shared a picture on Instagram that was undoubtedly aimed at him.

With a single heart as the caption, our favourite Kardashian posted an image of a quote about closure.

"Like time suspended, a wound unmended—you and I. We had no ending, no said goodbye. For all my life, I'll wonder why."

Looks like Khloe is admitting she hasn’t been able to move on.

Despite reports claiming that Khloe is unable to reach Lamar about their divorce proceedings, a source recently revealed that this isn’t true.

Apparently the former couple are in semi-regular contact with one another, which makes the fact he has yet to sign the divorce papers or even file a response with the court a little suspicious.

Is reconciliation in the air? Are the two reality stars halting proceedings to give their relationship another shot? Or is this all part of an elaborate storyline for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.