Is the divorce on hold? More Khloe and Lamar news.


Yesterday was Lamar Odom’s birthday and that evening, Khloe shared a picture on Instagram that was undoubtedly aimed at him.

With a single heart as the caption, our favourite Kardashian posted an image of a quote about closure.

"Like time suspended, a wound unmended—you and I. We had no ending, no said goodbye. For all my life, I'll wonder why."

Looks like Khloe is admitting she hasn’t been able to move on.

Despite reports claiming that Khloe is unable to reach Lamar about their divorce proceedings, a source recently revealed that this isn’t true.

Apparently the former couple are in semi-regular contact with one another, which makes the fact he has yet to sign the divorce papers or even file a response with the court a little suspicious.

Is reconciliation in the air? Are the two reality stars halting proceedings to give their relationship another shot? Or is this all part of an elaborate storyline for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.