It’s been reported, that a married couple who held hands for 70 years at breakfast every morning, have died only 15 hours apart from one another.

Helen Felumlee and her husband, Kenneth Felumlee were from Nashport in the U.S.A. and according to their eight children, were inseparable.

Helen died at the age of 92-years-old on April 12, but it seemed that Kenneth couldn’t imagine a world without his dear wife, as the 91-year-old died the following morning.

Their daughter, Linda Cody knew that if one of her parents passed, her other parent would soon follow.

“He was ready. He just didn’t want to leave her here by herself.”

Some reports have even suggested, that the couple once shared the bottom of a bunk bed on a ferry, rather than sleeping one night apart.

Their children said that both Helen and Kenneth remained deeply in love, till the very end.