If you live in Spiddal and thought you saw Batman recently, you’re not seeing things after all.

Julian Checkley has created one of the best Batman costumes the internet has ever seen.

Galway based Julian runs the Order 66 Creatures and Effects studio in Ireland and created the amazing costume based on the Batsuit from Batman: Arkham Origins. We honestly wouldn’t mind Ben Affleck taking a trip to Galway to try it on for size.

Julian and his team in Galway designed the costume and ordered the 3D-prints from a company in Canada.

After having them delivered to Ireland the team cleaned them up and put the whole costume together. And it is mind blowing. When asked how it really feels to be the Batman, Julian keeps it real: “At first you feel like a bit of an idiot: you're a 45-year old guy dressed in a Batman suit.”

Soz, Ben Affleck, turns out you’re not that cool after all.

Julian has said that putting the costume together involves airbrushing and making an undervest that isn’t just lightweight, but flexible too. Important to for leaping around Eyre Square after villains we’re sure.

Galway residents were left a bit baffled when they spotted Batman charging around town like a true comic book hero. With the help of professional photographer Kamil Krawczak Julian donned the suit and unleashed his inner superhero.

He took to Galway city’s rooftops to photograph the suit in all its fabulous glory.

The suit has taken the internet by storm with images going viral on popular sites Reddit and imgur.

Julian has even had his work featured in The Irish Times and gotten a shout out from Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen, who designed the Batsuit for the popular Batman video game. Impressive.

An Irish Batman out on the streets? If someone has €8,000 to spare then it could become a reality.