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Following the national hosepipe ban which came into effect on Friday, the Irish Independent reports that Irish Water has said it will take a number of days to gauge any difference it may have made. 

Irish water has said they expect the nationwide hosepipe ban will have improved improve water conservation, but that it was too soon to tell exactly how much at this point.

The national ban was due to remain in place until the end of July, but reports are saying that this could be extended further, depending on the amount of rain due to fall in the coming weeks. 

A high-level meeting of senior management will take place today to discuss if further restrictions are required with more updates expected this afternoon, according to Independent.ie. 

Irish Water said it is looking at the issue on a "day-to-day" basis with demand still at a critical level with high temperatures set to continue.

A national ban on using hosepipes for watering gardens, washing cars or filling paddling pools or ponds will help conserve the supplies we currently have.

Legally Irish water can introduce the ban under section 56 (16) of the Water Services Act 2007.


Anyone found ignoring the regulation could face a €125 fine. While most have complied with it so far, the utility reports around 40 complaints have been made so far of those not complying with it. 

Irish water has said they are "really grateful" to those that have complied with the ban so far and urged people to continue to do so. 



Irish Water have appealed to the public to conserve water as restrictions and outages have been experienced by households nationwide.

As the temperatures continue to soar, the water network is increasing put under pressure. 

Irish Water have warned that we could face long-term water restrictions if the dry conditions continue into the autumn. 

If necessary, the water network is also looking at plausible legal routes to enforce measures such as hosepipe bans, to preserve the supply.

Commenting on the situation, Corporate Affairs Manager of Irish Water, Kate Gannon, said:

"We have a long way to go. If the drought is prolonged, water restrictions would become unavoidable if demand does not continue to drop. Irish Water are appealing to the public to continue to be mindful of their water usage."

Water restrictions or outages have affected more than 100 supplies all over the country, and particularly in areas such as Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Clare, Kerry and Waterford. 

Demands in the greater Dublin area have exceeded the supply Irish Water can safely provide, as the pressure mounts for the resource in both urban and rural areas

“If demand does not decrease we will start to see homes and businesses on the edge of the network in the Greater Dublin Area experience shortages, as happened in Skerries in recent weeks. The longer this continues, the more people will be at risk of shortages and outages,” said Ms Gannon. 

Rivers and lakes have significantly dropped in light of the heatwave, as demand for water usage only continues to grow. 

Everyone can play their part in the conservation of the resource, as Ms Gannon added:

"This is a very serious situation…every effort the public make to conserve water will benefit them and their community."

Irish Water has rolled out a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently reduce your daily water use. 



The Environmental Protection Agency has found that Ireland's treatment of water waste is not up to par. 

The EPA found that there were a number of locations in Ireland where raw sewage is making its way into the water system, which does not comply with EU treatment standards

It has brought a number prosecutions against Irish Water over sewage this year.

Irish Water have estimated that it will cost up to €13 billion euro to implement the necessary changes. 

The report found 44 areas where untreated sewage from the equivalent of 120,000 people contaminates the environment on a daily basis, according to The Irish Times. 

Changes need to be made to protect human health. 

Changes also need to be implemented to preserve natural environments and ecosystems in rivers, lakes and oceans.



Irish water has been a hot topic in Irish society for some time now.

And a new deal between the government and the Irish Water Committee will reportedly see more than 300,000 new water meters being installed throughout Ireland.

According to the Irish Sun, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are expected to sign off on the deal next week.

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The new plans will see meters being installed into apartments across the country.

An insider told the publication: "There will only be bulk metering of apartments, that will generate 300,000 extra meters.

"If that occurs, Ireland will have more meters per head of population than the UK.

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"If that doesn't keep Europe happy we don't know what will."

The Fianna Fáil spokesman on Housing, Planning and Local Government, Barry Cowen, recently said of the water issues:  "The bottom line is that the current water charging regime is defunct."

We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.