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The highly-anticipated iPhone X has finally been unveiled, though we doubt any of us will have one in our back pocket anytime soon.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, revealed the design at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California today, along with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The futuristic piece of tech has lived up to the hype and looks set to feature a whole host of sophisticated technology including face recognition, no home button and a full-screen interface.

The iPhone X will set customers back a whopping €1,179 – €1,349, making it the most expensive iPhone ever created.

And it's not looking much better for the iPhone 8.

The starting price for the standard model is €829, while the Plus starts at €939 – but they do come in some funky new colours, so you know, silver linings and all that.

The new range is available to pre-order on September 15 and will be available to purchase from September 22 .

Meaning that by our calculations, you'll want to start saving sometime around March 2014.


There has been heaps of speculation surrounding the release of the new iPhone 8. 

From face recognition technology to the banishing of the home button, the iPhone 8 needs to be seen to be believed. 

A YouTube video has been doing the rounds on the internet today, in which three 'dummys' of the new iPhone 8 can be seen. 

Screengrab / YouTube

The video, uploaded by tech influencer Danny Winget, shows three of the new models, but our favourite shade of rose gold is sadly missing 

Rose gold has been having a major moment in fashion and beauty, with the illuminating hue bedecking everything from makeup brushes to Minnie Mouse ears. 

So we were pretty disappointed to see a copper gold iPhone replacing our favourite precious metal. 

Screengrab / YouTube

The copper shade stood out in the video against the classic black and silver and white combo. 

'The shade is much darker. It's hard to even describe this colour. I think it's pretty ugly.'

'This is a drastic change from the rose gold colour,' said Wignet. 

Here's to hoping that the masterminds at Apple bring back the rose gold in time for the launch!



You could probably mark time by the consistency of new iPhone releases, with new models appearing every Autumn. 

The iPhone 8 is currently under construction, and a release of data has revealed a very interesting potential feature on the new model. 

A tech leak about Apple's Home Pod speaker revealed more than it should have. 

The softwear code contained information about other Apple products, the iPhone 8 being one of them. 

The sequences of code showed that Apple are developing face detecting technology for unlocking iPhones. 

Our minds were blown when they brought in finger print recognition technology, and now all you'll need is your very own visage to open up your iPhone.

Rumour has it that the facial recognition softwear could replace the Touch ID function, or work alongside it. 

The face detection is said to use infared technology, meaning that faces will be detectable even in low luighting. 

We are truly living in the future, people. 



Many of us have quite a collection of Apple products at this stage, from the infamous beginnings of the iPod to our coverable iPhone 7s, you'd think we'd be sick of them by now.

But alas, every year we're lured into their shiny exterior and might as well be a magpie in search for diamonds.

We're so interested in fact that we can't help but read all of the rumours leading up to the new releases, and the latest one; the iPhone 8.

Apple expert, Benjamin Geskin, regularly tweets about the expected new features of the products and this week shared a leaked idea of what the next iPhone will look like.

As you can see above, there will be no home button and instead a touch ID scanner will be embedded into its display.

The phone will also reportedly have a stretched OLED screen, meaning it will reach across the whole display.

According to Tech Stuff, it will have the ability to float on water (whut?), as well as have shock absorbers to prevent broken and cracked screens.

Another report from Bloomberg claims that it will have wireless charging capabilities too.

Apple traditionally release its devices around the first two weeks of September, however Trader Insider notes that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, which debuted on June 29, so bets are on for the iPhone 8 to be released on the same date this year (even though that's very close).

We'll just have to wait and see if all the rumours are true!