As part of Chelsea Handler’s series finale on E! last night, she got something she may not have been expecting on live TV – an intervention!

Of course, like everything with Chelsea, it was all done in humour, though we can’t say good taste…!

Chelsea’s close friends, Sandra Bullock, Mary McCormack and of course, Jennifer Aniston, took to the stage to read to Chelsea letters they had written regarding her behaviour.

Jennifer told Chelsea that she smells, basically (harsh much, Jen?!) while Mary told the presenter how she has ruined her life: “Now the closest I get to a vegetable is potato, in potato vodka.”

To top it all off, the girls then brought out on stage Chelsea’s ex boyfriend – 50 Cent! Awkward much?

Thankfully, Chelsea handled the delicate situation with grace…no, not really. Would we have it any other way?! Instead, the star began to ask 50 Cent if he was over her yet: "I'm assuming your new album is about me? I'm sorry I ended things so aprubtly." Oh, Chelsea!

Chelsea is now making the move to Netflix so we can’t wait to see what is in store next!