A group of homeless people and activists are sleeping rough outside the Dáil to raise awareness for the crisis of homelessness in Ireland.

The group hope to portray the message that they want homes, not hostels for those struggling due to the housing crisis. 

The group is asking that as many people as possible to come out and show their solidarity to the homeless by joining them at the Dáil.

"Rough sleepers are been left to die in alleyways and parks while the people who are supposed to be running this country line their own pockets and run the country into the ground," reads the description of the event on Facebook.

"We want these people to see the people this is effecting. They can't ignore the homeless people forever if we all sleep outside their office (the Dail) for as long as we can or until they listen to the homeless people when they say HOMES NOT HOSTELS."

The emergency bed system, which allocates hostel beds to the homeless, has gained notoriety recently thanks to the RTÉ documentary Ireland's Property Crisis.

Viewers were left concerned that the service requires homeless people to call up every day in order to secure a bed, and may not know if they have a place to stay until late into the night. 

There are 27 empty houses for every one person in emergency accommodation in Ireland, according to the Simon Communities.

Images: Homes Not Hostels / Facebook