Mittens and gloves may keep you cozy but they are highly impractical in so many ways. All that taking them off and putting them on again? We can't be dealing with that.

These hip flask mittens, available online from the US later this month, might be the answer to our prayers. It's basically a drinking flask built into a snug red glove, perfect for all of your winter boozing needs.

Judging by the ad, these are probably intended for warming hot chocolate after a couple of hours on the slopes, we but predict they'd also come in handy on that blisteringly cold walk from the bus stop to the bar, when you need something a little stronger. But that's just us.

The flask zips into a side pocket on one mitten, allowing you to discretely and comfortable sip on your (possibly alcoholic) beverage of choice. 

Don't get too excited though – the flask holds just about 100ml of liquid so it's not going to keep you going for hours. But beggars can't be choosers!

We're adding these to our Santa list NOW.