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Keeping your skin moisturised during the long, cold winter months can be a challenge, especially when you are covering up all the time. 

However, if keeping your skin smooth and soft sounds like a total chore to you, how would you like a bit of skin moisturising on-the-go?

Yep, ladies we reckon this could be the holy grail of clothes right here. 

Not only do these revolutionary jeans claim to make your legs look skinnier, they also purport to leave your skin feeling ridiculously smooth after wearing. 

But just HOW does that work without leaving you feeling like you are walking around in damp bottoms all day? 

Well according to Guess, the SLIMTEX jeans are infused with a concoction of gingko and vitamin E that dispel in tiny amounts as you wear the pants during the day. 

The jeans currently come in this 'jegging' style with just one wear apparently leaving you with "toucably soft skin." 

They come in at about €120, so you may wanna forget your moisturiser binge in Boots this month and splurge on a pair of these bad boys instead.  

We just hope this design extends to ALL CLOTHES soon. 



Stunning supermodel-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid is due to appear in court to testify after it has been revealed that a stalker attempted to break into her Manhattan apartment. The man in question is also accused of attempt burglary.

Indeed, Marcell Porter allegedly attempted to access the model's apartment at least five times. 

A spokeswomen for Gigi told Vogue Online that it was reported that Porter arrived at Ms Hadid's residential building on June 25 looking for the model and socialite and told a member of staff: "I'm paramilitary and I saved her life before.

"She wants to marry me and have my kids".

The stalker didn't appear in court this week as the first hearing took place. Doctors have found the man to be mentally unfit, meaning that if he is found guilty it's likely he would be sent to a secure facility rather than prison. 

The model is currently working in Australia as part of her new role of brand ambassador for designer giant Guess.

A day after Mr Porter was arrested, Gigi put her New York apartment up for sale. We don't blame her after what a scare that must have been.