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Ireland's modern matchmaker, Avril Mulcahy, is the author of Go Get Him, a dating guide which promises to help Irish women find a match the right way, and more importantly the fun way! 

Avril's funny and to-the-point book applies techniques such as the 'I Am a Ride' mantra, 'The D*ckhead Clearout' and 'The Flirtation Formula', and we caught up with her to find out the one piece of advice she'd give to any single person looking for a relationship.

Want to ditch the 'Single Victim Mentality' and revamp your dating life? You need to check this out!


Ireland's modern matchmaker Avril Mulcahy has just released her new book Go Get Him which promises to help us find a man (if that's we're looking for) the right way, and more importantly the fun way! Avril applies techniques such as the 'I am a ride' mantra, 'the d*ckhead clearout' and 'the flirtation formula'.

So ladies, are you looking for a man? Niamh Geaney caught up with this saintly woman to get the low-down.