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Festival trends come and go, and along with tribal print, Hunter wellies and fringed everything, we had banished glitter roots to the sartorial scrap heap.

The look was touted as being the ultimate cover up for grown out or oily roots this summer and was spotted on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Miley Cyrus's roots sparkling in the sunshine at the US's biggest festivals.

Irish girls were quick to pick up on the trend, and while we may not have gotten quite the same weather as Coachella, the masses adopted the sparkly hair look at Electric Picnic, Longitude and Forbidden Fruit.


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This time around, the glitter hair trend has had a sleek and chic makeover, and is the ultimate statement hair look to be paired with a festive frock rather than a three day camping ticket. 

While attempting this Christmas trend may feel like a bit of an arts and crafts project, your party season style credentials will thank you.

All you need is a strong hair gel, a pot of glitter in your favourite sparkling shade and some hair spray.


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We also advise putting down some newspaper or you'll be picking glitter out of your carpets for weeks. The again, you could just say that it's part of your festive interior decor if you don't want to get the Dyson out.

Simply style your hair in your desired part, brush the gel on with a wide toothed comb and apply the glitter as liberally as you like, finishing with a spritz of your favourite hair spray for some extra hold.

The finished look is a sparkly, eye-catching do' that will wash out faster than your holiday spirit induced hangover. You can thank us later.


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We have been sharing a multitude of festive beauty trends that seems to be taking social media by storm and they all involve glitter. 

Glitter literally EVERYWHERE. 

First, we brought you the super cute glitter root before yesterday bringing you news of the majestic glitter beard.

Well, we are adding to our extensive coverage of people glitter-fying their body hair by reporting to you, the glitter armpit. 

Yes, the glitter pit comes to you courtesy of a feminist standoff and we day GO GIRLS. 

#glitterpits is giving us something to think about as feminists around the world take a stand against society's shaming of their natural body hair. 

We say YAS to these girls not only flaunting their natural body hair, but for also having the balls to make it look pretty. 

Earlier this year, the #freeyourpits campaign saw women defiantly grow out their underarm hair and display it proudly on social media. So it is only right that the trend had a little festive update. 

Now if anyone ever tells you to shave your body hair, you can simply stick a sparkly pit in their face. Sorted. 



Lottie Tomlinson – little sister of Louis – caught our eye last week when she debuted some amazing day-glo coloured roots on Instagram.

And while we love the edgy look, sometimes it's just not kosher to dye your roots six different colours.

For an out-there look that won't last weeks, we're seriously considering giving glitter roots a go.

The look, which involves mixing clear styling gel with glitter and applying it along the line of your parting, has already taken over the internet, and we can see why.

If you have dark hair, try a brightly contrasting shade of glitter:

And what better way to jazz up your dark roots?

The glitter can be applied "by using an old foundation brush or even simply using your fingers," hair stylist Karen Wiggins tells TODAY.

Of course, we don't recommend just flinging a load of glitter on your head and hoping for the best:


When you jump on the #glitterroots trend way too fast #glitter #hair #sparklyroots

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There is one problem with the look, however. While glitter roots are definitely a total show-stopper, we can't imagine that cleaning all those sparkly flecks out of your hair would be too pleasant.

Glitter in your hair, glitter on your pillowcase, glitter in the shower… this is one hair trend that definitely has a few occupational hazards.