We have been sharing a multitude of festive beauty trends that seems to be taking social media by storm and they all involve glitter. 

Glitter literally EVERYWHERE. 

First, we brought you the super cute glitter root before yesterday bringing you news of the majestic glitter beard.

Well, we are adding to our extensive coverage of people glitter-fying their body hair by reporting to you, the glitter armpit. 

Yes, the glitter pit comes to you courtesy of a feminist standoff and we day GO GIRLS. 

#glitterpits is giving us something to think about as feminists around the world take a stand against society's shaming of their natural body hair. 

We say YAS to these girls not only flaunting their natural body hair, but for also having the balls to make it look pretty. 

Earlier this year, the #freeyourpits campaign saw women defiantly grow out their underarm hair and display it proudly on social media. So it is only right that the trend had a little festive update. 

Now if anyone ever tells you to shave your body hair, you can simply stick a sparkly pit in their face. Sorted.