Topshop has abolished gender-specific changing rooms from its stores after a number of customer complaints branded the practice as "dated and dangerous." 

The news comes after one frustrated customers took to Twitter claiming they prohibited from using their preferred dressing room in a one of the retailer's Manchester branches.

Travis, who identifies as trans feminine and whose preferred pronouns are "they" and "them" wrote:“Hey @Topshop just experienced transphobia in your Manchester store. Not letting me use the changing room I decide is sh*t, sort it out.”

However, further confusion when one users responded with a screenshot of an email from Topshop (dated in July of this year) stating that its policy had already been changed – meaning Travis should never have been refused entry to the female changing facility. 

Clearly unsettled by the incident, Travis continued to vent their frustration is a series of tweets

Travis' experience sparked mixed reaction from Twitter users, with some offering messages of support while others questioned the need for such a change. 

Speaking to The Daily Mail, a spokesperson for the fashion retailer has since confirmed that “All Topshop and Topman customers are free to use any of the fitting rooms located within our stores.”

Topshop is not the first fashion retailer to be condemned for its 'transphobic' changing rooms policies, with Urban Outfitters having previously come under fire for similar practices.