The Fault in Our Stars actor, Ansel Elgort, has taken to Twitter to talk about what it means to be gay and to clear up a few issues.

It seems certain corners of the media have been speculating recently about the 20-year-old actor’s sexual orientation, something which Ansel, understandably, felt he was the only one who should have the right to comment on.

Using his Twitter account to set the record straight yesterday, the Divergent star said: “Just in case it isn’t clear…I like girls. A lot.”

The actor had been dating his high school sweetheart up until a few months ago when conflicting schedules meant they had to call time on their romance, but it seems the split fuelled reports and rumours which Ansel wanted to address.

Upon making his sexual preference known (not that he should have had to), the actor then went on to say: “Also let me say if I was gay, I wouldn’t hide it. Being gay or straight isn’t bad or good, it just IS. You are who you are. Be true to yourself.”

Very well said Ansel!