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One man was very lucky yesterday when his girlfriend decided to cook breakfast for him.

But, this breakfast wasn't just your average scrambled eggs on toast – oh, no – it was a woven bacon Easter egg with a FULL fry-up inside. Wow.

Added to the Facebook page, The Fry Up Police, Jason Francombe shared the picture to much delight.

"When your girlfriend makes you an Easter egg out of woven streaky bacon and then fills it with fried eggs, sausages, beans and hash brown… Jordan Francombe is a lucky guy."

Lucky, indeed. If only every partner could cook this up on Easter Sunday, we wouldn't even care about the chocolate anymore.


We don’t know about you, but when we stay in a B&B, we make it our business to make sure we’re up early enough for the fry-up. And if it’s a buffet? Well, we won’t leave until there’s nothing left!

However, it seems we’re in the minority these days as Jurys hotel group have analysed the habits of their one million guests’ breakfast eating habits so far this year, and they found that British guests are eating twice as many fry-ups than Irish guests.

What are we eating instead? Muesli, bran flakes, probiotic yoghurt and fruit. Lovely.

We’re all for healthy living, but surely you can allow yourself a fry-up when you’re on holiday? It’s all part of the fun!


Sick of having a fry-up? Here are five delicious breakfast alternatives, which are not only easy to make but healthy too.

Greek omelette
Usual omelette recipe. But instead of the usual ingredients, stick in some chopped tomatoes, olives and feta cheese for this tasty Mediterranean treat.

Tomato egg-stacks
A lot easier than it sounds. Sauté two cloves garlic (finely chopped). Add four thick slices of tomato and cook for one minute per side. Then top off with four fried eggs.

Pineapple and cream cheese omelette
A weird but delicious combination. Again, the usual omelette recipe and then simply add some crushed pineapple, cream cheese and crumbled bacon.

Creamy eggs with bacon
Maybe not the healthiest on the list, but it’s definitely different from having some black and white pudding. Just scramble some eggs and add some cream and bacon. Sounds messy, but it’s delicious!

Cheese and egg sandwich
Simple and definitely different. Spread some cottage cheese on your favourite bread with half a chopped scallion and top with one sliced hard-boiled egg.