As you get older, you’ll grow out of a lot of things – friends included. Here are the friends it’s ok to lose touch with in your 20s:

The gossipy one
Ok – so we’re not saying we don’t love a bit of gossip from time to time, who doesn’t? But if you have a friend who delights in the pain of others on a daily basis, then this is not a good person to be around. Remember the old saying: ‘those who gossip with you, will gossip of you’ – who knows what’s she’s saying about you behind your back?

The flakey one
Life gets busy in your 20s, so you don’t have time for friends who constantly cancel plans that you’ve made way in advance, or just don’t show up at all. If they really want to stay friends, they’ll make the effort. If not, then don’t feel bad about letting go.

The flirty one
When you’re young, it’s kind of fun hanging out with a girl who loves a bit of flirtation. After all, her charisma brings all the boys to the yard, does it not? But when you’re in a relationship and your friend can’t talk to your boyfriend without flirting with him, this is NOT good, and will only cause fights between you and your other half.

The jealous one
If your friend can’t be happy for you when good things happen, then why bother? Don’t waste your time with negative people, who only want to bring you down to make themselves feel better.

The overly judgemental one
While it’s great to get some advice from friends when you need it, some people can confuse giving advice with forcing their opinion down your throat. They can’t help but judge every move you make, and have no problem telling you what you’re doing wrong. People have to make their own mistakes, and your friends should be there to help you, not judge you.  

The user
Do you ever get the inkling that your friend is only using you? Maybe her boyfriend is out of town, or she needs a new job and thinks you can help – whatever the reason, if your pal only picks up the phone when she wants something, it’s time to say goodbye.

The drinking buddy
If all you have in common with your friend is the ability to down a pint of beer, then perhaps you’re not really friends at all. This friendship may seem like a lot of fun, but would you be able to call them in times of trouble? If the answer is no, perhaps you have one less friend than you thought.