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Niamh Geaney is back with the Top 5 in the cinema this week and she is loving number one! Check it out.



Channing Tatum is playing the role of real-life Olympic wrestling champ Mark Schultz in his upcoming flick Foxcatcher.

The story is based around the killing of Schultz’s gold-medalist brother Dave by his athletic team sponsor, John Eleuthère du Pont, played by Steve Carell.

Both Channing and Carell wear a lot of prosthetic make up in the film – so don’t be surprised if they’re looking a bit different!

Channing says getting in shape for the film was torture, and he even sustained some injuries when he shattered a mirror by slamming his head into it: “I missed a stud [in the wall] by about two inches, but the cut [on my head] and the blood were real.”

Ouch! Check out the intense moment in the trailer, but you’ll have to wait until November for the rest of the film.